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Gepuk K recipe has a special and delicious Java West

Meat is one of the main ingredients of a food that is popular and loved by many people, especially for certain regions, and a typical recipe of Gapuk from West Java makes the culinary prima donna the recommended. Its unique and delicious flavor and suitable when eaten with rice, which makes this dish very much loved by many people, especially the inhabitants of the island of Java.

Although there are several variants, but still the typical gepuk meat of Western Java is an excellent dish that is easy to find. The production process itself seems to take a long step, but it resembles its delicious taste and pampers the tongue to all circles, be it the inhabitants of the island of Java or outside of Java.

Even in thetypical gaffuk recipe of West Java, meat processed on it you can also find on the island of Bali with different characteristics and flavors. Kebo itself is included in one of the processed meats that is loved by many people in terms of texture and taste. Although the cooking process is quite long, the taste still ensures that many addicted people continue to eat it.

Processed meat in general is often used as the main course at a feast or side dish on a festive day like Eid al-Fitr or Eid Al Adha. Despite this, you can still find it in some food stalls or restaurants that provide this menu as the main course for customers in addition to other processed meats.

The characteristics of West Javanese meat göfük dishes

The Gaffuk recipe of West Java itself is usually associated with rendeng dishes from Padang, Kalimantan. But when you look at the shape of the dish, the two processed meats are very different from the texture and taste. In addition, the process of processing the tools is also different when in the finishing phase these two tools produce different shapes and textures.

This is because randang dishes are fully processed only if the delicate spices have been absorbed into the meat and the end result is a soft texture but filled when eaten. In contrast to the goo that has to go through the beating phase so that the meat penetrates a little and at the end after immersion in the camp the meat will be cooked with medium heat.

From the texture alone, the processed rendang dishes look chewier and spicier, but still give a tasty taste when worn with rice. But for the West Java gaffuk recipe itself, the processed meat has to go through a frying process so that the wet seasoning seeps into the meat and gives a slightly crispy but soft texture on the inside.

Of course, about its flavor qualities everyone has his own opinion that flavors can not be confused from the culinary connoisseurs of it. If you like processed gepuk meat then of course you can process it yourself at home. This time we will give you a small recipe for processed gupek meat that is simple and definitely easy to cook at home.

Simple Special West Java gepuk recipe processing process

To be able to do it yourself at home you first need to prepare the main ingredients first starting from beef according to taste but we recommend using up to 1 kg. Then 1/4 coarse galangal puree, 6 cloves of garlic puree, 1/2 ounce of brown sugar, 1 ounce of granulated sugar, 1/2 tablespoon of tamarind, 2 cups of thick coconut milk,  1/2 liter of cooking oil and water to taste.

Put next to all the previous ingredients you have prepared and wash the beef first the equation with the preparation of hot water to boil it. It should be borne in mind that the special recipe of Gpok from West Java requires attention when the meat is cooked and should be drained when it is conditioned to be half cooked with a texture that is not too soft.

After draining the cut of meat to your liking, here we recommend cutting it following the fibers so that the cuts are vertical on the fibers of the meat. After everything has been cut, beat the meat until penetration but not before it is completely crushed. Remember the meat should not be crushed because after that it will be cooked together with other fine spices.

The Goffolk recipe of West Java has to go through almost the same stages as preparing randang, that is, boil the meat until the fine spices are absorbed. Continue the previous step after you have cut the meat, heat the coconut milk along with the rest of the ingredients into the pan using low heat and wait for it to boil and then put the patties in it.

You can then cut the dish while waiting until the spices are absorbed in the meat. According to many people, West Java is famous for its people who like to eat fresh vegetables as a processed meat dish. When the seasoning is finished soaking you can fry it in a little brown oil, after which the gepuk meat is ready to be served with rice and fresh vegetables.

Of course, the taste will not be inferior to the dishes served in food stalls or in well-known restaurants. Moreover, by understandingthe typical goffolk recipe of West Java, you can prepare it at any time according to your taste when you want to eat this one dish. In addition, this dish is also suitable as the main menu of a banquet on such an important occasion as the gathering of relatives or a specific day of celebration.

Processed meat always has many connoisseurs from different circles

As we know if processed meat always has many fans especially beef because it is able to cause everyone’s appetite to increase. In terms of any dish, beef has always been a favorite dish by many people. Of course, Nucentra dishes always have their own flavor, especially in dishes made from beef.

In addition, how to cook processed meat can also produce its own flavor and texture characteristics, so that it is suitable as a destination for culinary lovers. From west to east Indonesia, processed meat has its own flavor, so it is not unusual if the West Java gaffuk recipe is one of the most beloved foods today on the island of Java and its environs.

The mixture of spices and spices that add to the taste of meat will always make everyone who eats it feel addicted. But still because processed meat has always been a heavy food, it causes the cultural culture of Indonesians to eat it along with rice and vegetables as a complement to the typical dishes of today’s society.

The popularity of processed meats in any region of Indonesia

Meat cuisine always has some connoisseurs of its own so there is no denying that nowadays many culinary businesses use processed meat menus as their main course. Whether it’s a street stall or a well-known restaurant, of course, West Java’s gaffuk recipe is one of the main dishes that many people and culinary hunters are aiming for.

With its unique flavor, salty, sweet and rich in spices, this dish has many fans. In addition to West Java, you can also enjoy this dish wherever you are as this dish is common and easy to find in different types of food stalls and well-known restaurants as it is already famous for its taste.

Of course you can do it yourself with a simple recipe before but pay close attention to the steps so that the final result can match the expectations. You can also modify the typical recipe of West Javan gpuk , such as adding chili to give a spicy flavor or sprinkling with serondang so that jafok is tastier and tastier.

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