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Samsat West Java serves to pay taxes online

Samsat West Java is one of the public facilities that are often visited by the people of west Java province for various purposes. This facility serves various processes related to the payment of the tax on motor vehicles and other aspects related to it.

During a pandemic like now, most public facilities offer non-face-to-face or online services to perform various types of services.   This includes services provided samsat in West Java province. The public can make STNK payments with online procedures, and payments are made by transfer.

Stnk Online Service in Samsat West Java

Residents of the West Java Provision community can pay tax procedures online in the current era. This will make it easier for you because  you don’t have to go straight to the office. There is a special demand and it is planned to pay the motor vehicle tax during its annual period.

This  method  is very useful for all residents of west Java province, since the features of the application are really offered in full.   Samsat in West Java aims to avoid crowding and prevent the spread of the Corona virus, which is currently aggressive.  Online payment by Samsat West Java can be done with easy procedures such as:

  1. Request a payment code

First, make an SMS until you get a payment code. Kamu can be done in two ways. First of all, you can get it through the Samsat Gate via text message. Secondly, you can go to Sambara. This app can be easily downloaded to your android smartphone.

  1. Make a payment

The next step in paying the annual tax on motor vehicles is to carry out the transfer process.   You have to pay immediately, as this is valid up to 24 hours after you take the first step.

  1. Authenticate

Making payments online does not make you have to go to Samsat. But still, after the completion of the payment process, the exchange of new STNK and ratification must still be done in Samsat. The maximum limit that was determined by Samsat is 30 days after you make a payment.

Everything can be done easily and quickly, without having to go to the Samsat office. Only by using the applications that are on the smarthphone can it be done easily.   To validate samsat after paying taxes, do not forget to bring the original KTP and the original STNK.

E – Samsat Jabar Request to make payments

Samsat West Java in this case does not provide extraordinary services for all residents of the Western Java community. They offer tax payment and approval services in an easy way. The application used in making these payments is called E-Samsat.

There are so many benefits that you can get if you use the app. Some of the things that will be obtained if the inhabitants of West Java province useWest Java E-samsat are:

  1. Avoiding nominations

That’s right, in an era that has been advanced as it is now, candidacy cases are occurring everywhere. This can also happen in Samsat’s office. You could even meet scalpers before you get there. In fact, paying with scalpers will cost more funds than direct payment in Samsat, West Java.

  1. Pay by ATM

Paying with an ATM is one of the most modern and easy ways. This can be done by anyone. Indeed, ATMs have spread widely in remote villages. You can make payments through ATMs if you pay samsat using an online app.

  1. Corruption of tax revenues can be avoided

No one will ever know that corruption can be carried out by different parties, including the Samsat side. When you make payments with online procedures, it is the same thing that you participate in eliminating corruption in the income from the motor vehicle tax for the state.

  1. Payment of taxes can be made on time

There are many reasonswhy people pay taxes in such a late time. For example, because you didn’t have time to go back to your hometown to pay taxes or because of the queue. But using the application from Samsat, payments can be made on time.

Terms of payment of taxes online Samsat Java West

In making payments in Samsat online, affiliated parties determine different types of policies to follow. If the policy is not followed, then you will not be able to make payments online. A few important things you need to do and prepare are below.

  1. Legitimate vehicles

What is meant by West Java Samsat here is that the vehicle is in legal condition and not in block state. If the vehicle is in a state of foreclosure, then online tax payments cannot be made.

  1. Valid for the payment of annual taxes

The payment of taxes using an online application in this case applies only to annual payments. However, for a payment of 5 years or when changing the vehicle plates, you need to come directly to the Samsat office.

  1. You have a savings account

Because in this case the payment is made with the help of an ATM, the taxpayer must, of course, have an account number or an ATM.

  1. Individual

Payments in this case can only be made by individual taxpayers and not by social institutions or entities.

  1. You have an active phone number

In making a payment using an online procedure in Samsat West Java, it was explained above that you need to get a payment code. So, the taxpayer must have an active phone number to get the payment code.

Services that Samsat can do in West Java

As with samsat in different provinces of the country, West Java Samsat also offers a variety of public services that you can get. All services will be performed as best as possible by the parties involved in it. In general, here are the services that you will be able to do through this office.

  1. Vehicle Service

In this case, Samsat in West Java has a function for Dispenda services. People can make name taxes or make the payment of car tax in the office.

  1. Police functions

What is meant by the function of the police here is to perform a function of identifying stolen vehicles. Samsat can identifythe ranmor, regentof the new ranmor istration, at the elimination of the ranmor numbers and others.

  1. Manage donations for traffic accidents

In collaboration with PT Jasa Raharja, offices in each province can receive mandatory donations for road accident funds, as well as mandatory coverage funds for passenger accidents.

The different types of services performed by the office team will really make it easier for people to carry out their activities. All Samsat members will cooperate with the Bank in carrying out their work.

The different options offered should indeed be used as wisely as possible. Everyone can carry out their activities more easily so that the activities can be carried out smoothly. In this case, Samsat West Java offers services according to their respective domains to facilitate their work.

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