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West Java postcode list of all cities and Regencies


Shipping goods to the area, of course, requires a Post Code, like the West Java postcode used in the province.West Java itself is classified as a large province, where there are many large cities regency.Therefore, shipping or letters requires the Post Code to make it easier.


Especially now it’s an era of online shopping so that the demand for shipping is easier for people to access from remote areas. Later, it will be easier to find recipients because of regional discrimination using a code number. So, all the other city zip passwords are fully available.


West Java Postal Code Bandung and surrounding areas


We will first discuss Bandung as the capital of West Java where it has a reputation as the best city here. Bandung itself has a fairly close distance from Jakarta so it is often used as a business partner. Meanwhile, the Bandung mailbox for regency is 40111-40619 and 40191-40974 for the city.


Bandung is also included in various commodity production areas for human needs, so many online stores stand here. In addition, there is a Bekasi where it is classified as a large area. Bekasi is renowned as one of the buffers for national activities because it exists in the Jabodetabek area so it is very important to remain stable.


 West Java’s mailbox in the Bekasi area itself is 17111-17435 in the city and 17211-17730 in regency. One of the famous items from Bekasi is the Patriot Stadium where it has international standard quality. Therefore, it is often used as a venue for friendly competitionbetween Indonesian and foreign teams.


We turn to Bogor, which has a reputation as a rainy city because it tends to have big rainfall. Bogor is with 6 sub-districts where it has its own tourist attractions. Meanwhile, if you want to ship goods here, you must use the code 16111-16169 in the city and 16110-16969 for the province.


The next big area is Depok where in terms of the area it is really squeezed by Bogor and Jakarta so it’s very approachable. However, the bogor used to be classified as a regency but then changed again to include the city. If you want to send goods or letters, use 16411-16519 as a code.


Post Code of the Western Province of Java


Next we will turn to the Western java postcode, especially the city area, one of which is Cimahi, is 40511-40535.The city itself is actually also integrated into Bandung Regency and then turns into its own city.This enables local governments to carry out better development.


Another city is Cirebon, where the difference is comparable to the brass zip code of West Java or other cities because it consists of regencies and cities.Locally you can use 45150-45652 while the city is 45111-45145. Cirebon is already known as the best tourist attraction, especially in West Java.


This is very different from other regions such as Sukabumi, which have smaller areas. If you want to ship goods here, you need a separate code for the local, i.e. 43132-43368. Meanwhile, if the delivery goes to Sukabumi, then you must only use it from 43111-43169.


 For the Western Java Postcode code within the city itself, of course, it’s not just one but many depend on the number of sub-districts.Each has its own code that can be used by the community.Therefore, you don’t just let a number because it can be sent elsewhere.


In the suburbs there is tashimalaya, which is famous for tourist attractions such as the South Coast, the Sea of Situated, to various types of waterfalls. If you want to send a package by mail, then use 46153-46476 for the local while if it is a city, then it must be 46111-46416 specifically in delivery.


Post Code Province


Then for the regency area, there is first lyrics Karawang with code 41311-41386 which can be used when shipping goods. Karawang itself is known as a place for factories and businesses of sorts so many outside the city decide to find good luck there. It is even recommended by many because the work is so abundant.


This is different from The Ciamis, which is more famous for its food or food such as betel nut, banana for sale, golosor noodles to beef jerky. The Ciamis mailbox is 46211-46388 and you can use it in all sub-districts there. Remember that every district in Ciamis is different.


Third, there is Indramayu, like 45211-45285, it certainly has little in common with the western java brass zip code. so, you’re not making a mistake, especially this area is far enough so it’s a problem if you’re wrong. Indramayu itself is famous for mango city because most people plant chili trees at home  .


Very different from Garut where it is famous in the form of lambs or dodols is the most common souvenir. Here the province uses number 44111-44193 if it wants to send a package to one of the suburbs in Garut. Currently, delivery services for letters or goods are distributed equally like other West Java cities.


What’s more, it is Cianjur with 43215-43292 as a mailnumber there and the same as other localities can be used by each bottom. Cianjur itself has a reputation as one of the good cities for recreation because of its many tourist attractions. For example, little Venezuela, beach, Taman Bunga Nusantara with various kinds of waterfalls.


Kuningan West Java Zip Code etc


Brass itself is actually also included in Regency and can use code 45511-45595 for package delivery. This brass is renowned for having a pretty good nature, especially when approaching the Guning Ciremai area. You can find travel such as Telaga Biru, Curug Putri, Telaga Nilem and many other trips.


For the western brass brass code itself , don’t be confused with Majalengka’s 45411-45476. Actually, it’s not too far apart, but actually Majalengka still has its own unique features. Majalengka has a variety of tourist attractions with classes but affordable prices for everyone, both locally and outside the area.


The most special thing is that Purwakarta is actually 4111-41182 because it is almost the same if the initial number or number is one too. Purwakarta is included as a city in West Java with the most developed tourism development today. This can be proven when visiting Hidden Valley Hills, Sajuta Batu Village, or Curug Tilu.


It is more or less than Purwakarta, like there is a Subang with a code of 41211-41288. Subang itself is classified as an area with a unique nickname, the city of pomegranate. This is not directly related to the number of people who own a garden and sell pomegranates. No wonder they also have a monument shaped with a pomegranate shape.


The latter was Sumedang, which was 45311-45393. Sumedang itself is actually based on many people becoming more famous for food products in the form of tofu. However, it does not mean that when visiting Sumedang there are no tourist attractions. There even appears to be recreational facilities such as Panenjoan Jatigede, which appears to have gone viral recently.


In terms of number numbers, there is no significant difference in all regions of Indonesia, including Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra and even Papua. But it must be noted so that the wrong goods are not shipped to a particular city or province. Moreover, the brass zip codes of West Java and other cities are often misrepresented.

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