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LG Service Center Service Information, from Contacts to Facilities


LG service center service is a facility provided to everyone. Of course, this facility is specifically for those of you who use LG products. This is because LG is a technology brand with a very big name.

There are countless household electronic products produced and they are all of high quality. However, even high technology will inevitably have a period of damage. There are many factors that can result in damage. It can happen due to age factors or due to user negligence factors resulting in damage.

Because damage to technology can occur at any time, service center services are required. Official facilities will be safer when used for certain technological improvements. Electronic devices need to be repaired with expert hands. Meanwhile, experts are usually recruited by official companies, for example LG.

However, perhaps many people still do not know the service contacts of the LG service center. In fact, understanding full information about services and facilities will be very helpful. There are many advantages to knowing some such information. For example, obtaining discount facilities for free warranties for various types of products.

Servizz tal-Klijent LG Customer Service

You can use customer service facilities before visiting LG’s service center directly. There are several ways that can be done such as chat facilities, email, etc. Each facility later provides solutions that are according to each problem. So you can solve the problem of damage to LG products.

  1. Chat Facilities

If you use a chat service, then it can only be done during working time. For a week Monday through Friday it’s from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. WIB. Meanwhile, Saturdays and Sundays run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. WIB.


  1. By Email

Email services can be used less frequently because they are considered quite troublesome. But you can do this service as an alternative to get full details of the lg service center in the nearest location.


  1. Servizz SMS

For services via SMS, it’s basically almost the same as online chatting. The working hours of this service are also the same, which is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for effective days. While weekends are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can simply send a short message to 0811-80-14010.


  1. Whatsapp Service

This service is mostly used because it is easier. You don’t load the credit fee because you only need to use a data package. This service is exactly the same as the SMS service, both in terms of numbers and operating hours. So you just have to choose which service you want to use.


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LG Product Service Center Service Location

To provide comfort to each customer, LG has prepared many LG service centers spread across Indonesia. But how do you find its location in the midst of the grandeur of the city’s buildings? The method is quite easy. There are services provided by entering the area of the territory and the type of damaged product that belongs to you.

Then how? The method is quite simple. You only need to visit the page that has been prepared at https://www.lg.com/id/dukungan/cari-penyedia-perbaikan. After that, you will see several boxes of dialog. There is a Service Center Location column and a Product Category column. You just need to choose these two columns according to your needs.

In the Service Center Location column, you can enter the city where you live now. This is so that the recommended location is not too far away from the place of residence. While the Product Category column will have mobile, TV, audio and video product groups, electronic household appliances, for IT products.

For example, enter Malang City as a search location then select all types of mobile devices in the Product Category column. After that click on the search button and wait a while. Later, if there is an LG service center in the city, the location and full address will clearly be displayed.

But keep in mind that service center services can only take place on Mondays to Saturdays. Meanwhile, on Sundays and big days, it will be closed. For the week Monday to Friday it is from 8.30 to 16.30 WIB. While Saturday runs from 8.30 to 12.30 WIB.

Quick Home Response Service

As one of the big name technology companies, obviously providing an optimal service is a job priority. In addition, there are so many people who believe and use various LG products.

However, when these tools are damaged, it will certainly be difficult to repair them yourself. In addition, along with the distance to the service center is also quite far away. Seeing the problem, the company immediately provided a solution. One solution is to provide services to consumers’ homes to repair several damaged devices.

LG service center services  must be fast to solve each consumer’s problems. This service even waives transport costs if electronic equipment needs to be brought to the centre of the service. So consumers only need to contact the service center during business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Because this service is provided by visiting the consumer’s home, there is obviously an additional charge in the form of an arrival fee. For greatness itself it differs between satand city with other cities. For repair costs, service, and spare parts replacement will also continue to be charged according to normal costs without additions.

However, this service is not valid in all regions of Indonesia. Only valid in Jakarta and the surrounding areas because there are many established LG service center services here  . So when the clerk comes, it doesn’t take much time. It is enough to save consumers time in Jakarta and its surroundings.

Support LG Online Repair Service

There is an interesting service provided in the form of repair support through online requests. But before requesting repairs online, you need to have an account. The method is quite easy, just visit the https://www.lg.com/id/dukungan/repair warranty/request-repair-sign-in. Later there will be an account creation dialog box if you don’t already have one. Just clicking to request account creation.

But if you don’t want to create an account, you can still use this service by clicking log in as a visitor. Later there will be several boxes of dialog ranging from steps 1 to 5. Step 1 is the selected product dialog box where you need to enter the product details you have.

After completing everything right, then you can proceed to the next step to the end. The final step is a Remediation Review Request. Here you will receive detailed information on when the repairs will be carried out. This service is quite useful because solutions can be provided before the product is repaired.

Indeed, the provision of widespread service services will provide assistance to every consumer. Each problem can be solved quite easily in a short time. Consumers certainly also gain valuable experience from these services. Therefore, LG service center services  will make consumers very happy.

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