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List of known districts in West Java

There’s quite a lot of regencies in West Java, and almost everyone has their own specialities.   If  you are one of the people of West Jave, of course you really understand the different types of district in  the province. Indonesians certainly understand very well that there are different types of advantages that can be found in western Java.

Different types of tourism often visit different types of tourists outside the region and abroad. There is no stopping there, but the culinary part also continues to grow and is becoming more and more famous.

One indonesian people, of course, you must also understand different tribes and cultures from  other regions.   Also from west Jave, where the Sundanese tribe dominates.   The western Province of Java was divided into 18 regenc and 9 cities. With our following information, you can get  different types of information.

A constructive start to west Jave’s regency

West Java, or Jawa Kulon, is one of the provinces in Indonesia that was widely known by other people. Indonesia itself has different landscapes with fairly large numbers, but not all are well known from the Indonesian people.

West Java Province you will find a variety of unique cultures that make tourists and locals feel even more astonished  . But before that, the history of West Jave may not be widely known.

This province in the 5th century was part of the Tarumanegara kingdom. There are various types of inscriptions left by the kingdom and were widely disseminated in parts of western Jave province. There are about 7 inscriptions that were written in wengi scriptbook and use sanskrt how most of them will tell the king’s journey from Tarumanegara.

Tarumanegara was successfully crippled and continued with the Kingdom of Sunda. There are also inscriptions from the Sundane kingdom, which are still well maintained in the Bogor area. The battle between the kingdoms only stopped in 1925, when West Java was used as an administrative definition during the reign of the Dutch Eastern Ind.

This is also the basis for the creation of regencies in West Java.   Not only that, but the different types of events in West Java continue until this moment. As a result, people in the province feel increasingly safe to develop different areas, especially in the economic part.

Have you ever understood all the districts owned by the  province of West Java? As mentioned earlier, there are about 18 reviews and 9 places. The capital of this province is located in Bandung, and on 17 October 2000, several regions of the province  will form a separate landscape, banten.

List of regency names in West Java

For those of you interested in different district names, here are some districts from  Java Kulona that  you can know.

  1. Bandung Regency, which has the capital city of Soreang. This one district turns out to have an area of about 1,767 and about 3,145,254 residents. It consists of 31 sub-districts and 10 sub-districts, which this one district is quite familiar with.
  2. In addition, the West Bandung Regency has about 1,305 surfaces. The capital of West Bandunga is in Ngamprah and has a population of about 1,616,203, divided into 16 districts.
  3. West Java Regency next is Bekasi Regency with an area of 1,224 cubic km is quite dense because it has approximately 23 districts.
  4. Bogor is next with a very large area compared to others. The area is about 2,710 cubic km with 4,246,307 inhabitants spread across 40 districts.
  5. Cianjur covers an area of 3,840 cubic km with 13 sub-districts. It has a population of 2,246,663 in 32 districts.
  6. Ciamis has 1,228,294 inhabitants divided into 27 sub-districts. The district area is about 1,414 cubic km.
  7. In the following order, Cirebon with a fairly small area is only 984,52 cubic km. About 2,099,089 inhabitants are spread across 40 sub-districts.
  8. Garut with an area of 3,074 cubic km, inhabited by 2,210,017 inhabitants. Divided by a fairly large number of sub-districts, there are 42.
  9. Indramayu occupies 1,845,205 in 31 different districts. The area of Indramayu is approximately 2,040 cubic km.
  10. There is a Karawang with an area of 1,652 cubic km and has approximately 2,110,476 inhabitants. Karawang has 30 sub-districts spread throughout the district.

There’s still a lot of districts in the West Jave area. For example, there are Cimahi, Cirebon, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Purwakarta, Sukabumi, Majalengka, Pangandaran, Sumedang and many others.

Every county has to have its own specialities. It’s a start in the fields of economics, tourism, education and so on. Although it owns many regencies, West Java has managed to build a positive character for its people.

Gospodarstvo v West Java Regency

In addition to having to understand the name of the regency in West Java, it turns out that you also understand the different types  of potential that you have. There is a lot of potential that West Java has as one of the provinces with many inhabitants in this.

So when we look at it from the economy, it turns out that this province is evolving in different areas. It’s about manufacturing, agriculture, where they’re dealing with land and agriculture. There is also a thriving economy in the sea and fisheries because it is on two sides of the Java Sea.

The economy continues to develop well in West Java. There is no doubt that many residents thrive even by trying to use different kinds of efforts to make their landscape better.

Turizem v West Java Regency

When they look out of tourist resorts, regencies in West Java  never want to stay behind. There are so many good places on holiday that need to be used as one of the destinations. Most of the tourism from this province is more on natural tourism.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of visitors from inside and outside the area who come just to enjoy the holiday. If it’s confidential, at least tourism in West Java is about 96 with different species.

From beaches, waterfalls, dams, amusement parks, museums and many others. So, are you interested in spending  time in Java Kulon? Your vacation should  be much more enjoyable if you choose one of the districts above  for the holidays.

Compared to cities in the province there are countless ratings. But if you’re trying to explore in these different districts, there must  be interesting things you can find.   There are many regencies in West Java, but  they all have their natural beauty.

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